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Work schedule

The work schedule is the distribution of labor and rest of employees during a certain calendar period for the rational use of labor resources. The purpose of the organization of working time is to determine the beginning and end of working time, as well as determining breaks during the working day.

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Rational distribution of working time

Effective management of employee.

Quick overview of features

Working time fund
Working hours
Dinner time
Vacation time
Study time
Illness time


Set up a workplace, select the necessary staff and set up a work schedule.

Confirmation schedule by employee

Each employee can digitally confirm the working days.

Documents printing

After the distribution of working hours, you can print graphics for signature.

Link for staff

Each employee can be provided with a link to track the place and time of work.

BASIC PACKAGE + Work schedule

Workplace: 1

Workers: 10

8,00 EUR / Month

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